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Write for visitors not for search engines

When writing the content of your website, think about what you yourself would want to find if you searched for the same thing. After all, it is the number of visitors that is most important in the eyes of search engines. Therefore, write to give visitors the best possible experience and as rich, but relative, information as you can.

Select a master keyword for each page and type the text around it. Merge the keyword into the text 4 -5 times, so that there is a red thread through the page. This is not always as easy as it sounds, but do the best you can. So if you make a page called BAKE BREAD, the words BAKE BREAD should be repeated periodically in the text. But no more than 4-5 times.

A lot of text is good, so give as much information about the topic as you can, but make sure it's relevant in terms of what the page is all about. If someone has searched online for bread baking, they don't want to read a lot about dinner recipes, so give them what they're searching for when they find your Page.

Divide the text into paragraphs and do not leave each paragraph longer than 4 - 5 sentences. We read differently online than we do otherwise, and a neat clear text makes it easier to read. Feel free to use lists where you can.

Avoid using the same text on multiple pages. Make each page unique.

Most websites have copyright on the content, so avoid copying text, images or other content from other websites. If so, rewrite it into your own words. You can enter a quote etc. but remember to post a reference to the website where you found the text.