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A responsive website adapts to the screen

Did you know that today there are more mobile devices than there are humans on Earth? Or that 20 per cent of people aged 18 - 34 only use mobile devices when they are online?

That's why I create your website responsive, which is to say, it adapts to the screen size it appears on. Then your customers can reach you wherever they are and what they're searching for whether it's mobile, tray or pc.

And considering all the different sizes found on mobile phones, tablets and computer screens, a responsive website is someone you should have.

In fact, Google has recently changed its search criteria, preferring web pages that are customized for mobile devices. So considering being more easily found online, you might want to have a responsive website.

Today, most websites are created responsive since most people use mobile when they're online, so this is no longer something you have to pay extra for or ask for specifically.

However, since many people use very large screens when working on computers, many designers limit the width of the content to make it easier to read. I make most of my websites with a width of 1920px, and there is a width that works fine.