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When you want a web page

Once you have decided that you need a website, there are several things to take into account before choosing which publishing platform/system you want to create it in. And, there are many to choose from such as Wix, Webflow, Wordpress and thousands of others not quite as familiar system. So the choice is not always so easy to make.  

Free website vs paid website

Many offer free website and hosting/webhotell, and if you don't mind having a url called something like https://wix.com/navnetpådinnettside, then maybe it's a good option.  However, if you want to use your own domain,you need to get up in a paid version with the vast majority of them.  


Unfortunately, support is also often lacking with free publishing platforms. You rarely get in touch with a real person who can help you, but are referred to documents that tell you how to do things and pliers, and which rarely cover your particular problem. And with websites, there is always something you need support to arrange for you, whether you are a beginner or have experience. So support should be something you emphasize when choosing a system. You should be able to contact customer service or support, and they should respond to you within 24 hours. It's not fun to sit with a published website there is a mistake and then have to wait for weeks before getting help.


Safety is also one thing that should be weighty. Do they offer a secure server, they take backup regularly, they update their services regularly, is support good? Free publishing platforms are used by many – since it's free. However, when many people use the same server, it can go beyond the speed at which the website uploads in the browser, and there is also a greater risk of hacking.  

Website builders

Many publishing platforms have website builders where you can create your website with "drag and drop". That is, you can choose from different things like headings, picture boxes, ready-made modules, etc. that you drag into the page where you want and then pull out to the size you want.  It makes the process much easier than before when you had to know CSS and HTML to do the same. However, unfortunately it does not always go as smoothly and is as simple as it is portrayed as.    

In good website builders/publishing platforms you have the option to post html, css, javacript, metatags etc.  It provides more control and freedom to adapt and add things according to your wishes and needs.

Design templates

If you have no experience in creating a website, a ready-made template can be a good option.  Most ready-made templates are optimized to work as well online as possible while offering a beautiful, modern design. But there are often limits on how much customizations you can make beyond adding your own images, logo, text and colors.  So your website will be almost like thousands of others who use the same template.

Tailored design

I can help you with customizations of design templates in most systems, but I can also offer you tailored design.  Then I design and develop your website so it becomes personal and completely the way you want it.  You don't run the risk of finding other web pages that use the same template.  The entire website becomes unique in design and functionality.

It also gives me the opportunity to create it so that it is easiest for you to make changes, further develop and maintain your website.


If you don't quite know what you need

When you contact me because you want a website, you may not know exactly what you need and what choices you have. We will then together come up with what will be best for you.

Developing a website is a process and in most cases changes needs and desires along the way. I will try to accommodate this throughout the development so that the website stays as you wish.

Sometimes the process goes quickly and easily, while other times it can take a little longer and requires a little more testing and testing before we land on something you're happy with.

Would you like more information about websites?

Sometimes it is quickly done to forget that words and professional expressions that are understandable to me as a web designer are not as understandable to you.

I have therefore written a few pages about things and pliers around having a website that might be helpful: Useful to know about websites

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