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Do you have a budget in terms of how much the website should cost?

How much you have to pay for a website is crucial to how your website is designed and developed. Cheap is not always good, and it applies to websites too. The same can be said of the deer.

That price plays a big role for who you choose to create your website is not going to stick under a chair, but the expectation of what one can get for the price is not always realistic compared to the job of creating a website.

A website is to be planned, everything from design to content and function is to be created, wireframes/sketches are created and then it should be encoded and built, designs should be adapted, text and images to be entered, the menu will be created, the website should be optimized for searches on Google, social media should be integrated and then the website will be published.

So creating a website is a process that takes time, it's not done in a hurry. There are many pieces that should fit together to give you an elegant, user-friendly and functional website. When it's done, you need help to get yourself into how to make changes yourself, and if something goes wrong, I'll help you get it back in place.

It takes time , which is why it costs a little too.

Tight budget?

Prices are not cut in stone, and if you have a very tight budget, we will find a solution to it.  A website can expand eventually and as needed, so you can do it with only one or two pages in the first place.

We can make special agreements such as that I create the design / appearance of the website and that you enter text and images yourself. The design is then tailored, but all pages get the same design. You will then not get any pages that are specially designed, but can still get a great and clear website.

It is also possible to use a finished design template instead of tailoring your website and customizing it with text and images. This entails some restrictions on design and functionality, but a more affordable solution is a bespoke design.

So don't be afraid to get in touch. We'll find a good solution together.