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Pages and tabs - what is what?

Since you're talking about website, this with the number of pages can seem a little confusing. So here's a little explanation of what's what:

A website can also be called a website, and a page/tab is then a page with content belonging to the site. As a rule, a website/website contains a cover page that introductions to the content of the rest of the site, a page with contact information, one or more pages about what services one offers and a "About us" page where you write a little about you or your company.

As a rule, a website has a menu at the top, where you can click on buttons/tabs that take you to the page you want to see more on.

Some pages on the site do not have their own button/tab in the menu, but are accessed via a link on another page. So the number of pages and the number of tabs is not always the same.

Think about what you want to convey and how many pages you think you need to convey your services. Many websites/websites start with a few pages and expand as needed.

Each page should be informative and have high quality text and images.