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How I optimize your website

I post metadata, that's a title and a description for each of the pages on your homepage. This is what you'll see if you search on Google. Since it is the first thing you see of information about your website, it is a good idea to make this text as descriptive and captivating as possible.


I submit a sitemap/sitemap above your homepage, on Google and Bing webmastertools.

A sitemap/sitemap is an overview of all pages of your website, and it's added for Google and Bing to know about them and list them.

 Then I ask Google and Bing to index the pages of your homepage.

Google may not show all pages on your site and some may be temporarily removed.  It can have many reasons, such as being little visited, violating Google's policies, lacking the necessary meta data, little content, etc.

There is no need to panic if any of the pages do not appear.  However, what you can do to get Google to list your pages is to constantly make small changes to the website.  Then Google "pings" again and recalls that the page exists and is ready to be listed again.


I post a tracking code from Bing webmastertools and Google webmastertools on your homepage.

GoogleWebmaster Tools is the primary mechanism for Google to communicate with webmasters and help you notify you of problems with your website

When they find something, the webmaster receives an email about what should be corrected.


I build your homepage as user-friendly as possible so that visitors can quickly find what they're looking for.

That is, I build the main menu so that the content of the site is clearly presented.  Moreover, when visitors scroll down the page, the main points must be presented and encourage the visitor to click the button or box to get more information.

Contact information is also important to find quickly without having to look around.


If you have a Facebook, Twitter or instagram page, I link to and from these,.

I'm adding clearly visible share buttons to make it easy to share my Page with others on social media. Moreover, I post Facebook and tags, i.e. information and photo that becomes visible on Facebook when someone shares your website.


I optimize the images on your website, so they are not bigger or heavier than they should. It reduces the time it takes to upload a page in the search engine.  Large images take longer, and it is therefore important to try to reduce them as much as possible.  A page that loads late causes you to lose visitors, as no one has the time or desire to sit waiting for it to load.  

There is much more one can do to optimize a website. You can pay someone to optimize it for you, but how necessary it is, there are divided opinions about.  My attitude is that the best thing you can do is simply to have a lot and relevant content on the website.  More content means more words and search terms for which the page can be found, which in turn leads to more visitors.  

An active website is always higher in courses at Google than a static page that is never further developed.