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Where to find pictures

Images are an important part of a website. They can be part of a design, view a product, be used to show a procedure, emphasize a point, etc. The gaze is automatically drawn to an image before it records the text. However, images can both strengthen and weaken a website.

A bad photo gives a bad impression and looks unprofessional. It's better to have no photos than a bad one. Large images will take longer to download. As visitors have little patience for web slowness, they will quickly click through to another website that downloads immediately. It is therefore important that all images are optimized for the web, and that the use of large images is minimized.

There are countless websites where you can find free images and images that you can buy. In the list below you will find some of them.

Singles who have images within a certain theme, such as Foodiesfeed that has pictures of food. Please note that the images may have licenses that restrict what you can use them for.  

Price may vary, but there are many that offer free images that you can download. Some, such as Shutterstock allows you to download a watermarked sample image so you can see how it will look where you want to place it before you buy the image.