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Give visitors what they are looking for

The most important criterion for your Page to be found is the content. Visitors land on your website because they search for information or maybe a product. Give visitors what they're looking for and make sure they find it quickly on your pages. If it does not make clear what the page is about, visitors leave it after just a few seconds and surf on. Such clear headlines, illustrative images and a lot of information are really important.

The content should be as rich and information-rich as possible. Give the visitor the impression that you have the answer to what they are looking for and that you are an expert and sit with a lot of experience. If visitors get what they're looking for and preferably a little more, they might want to choose your products or services. Maybe they share your website on social media, which in turn can lead to positive things for your business.

If you have an e-commerce site, or present products on the website, large, clear images will be more appealing than small and blurry images. Provide complete information about the product and have a neat, easy-to-use but secure purchase process.

A good remembering rule is to think through what would be essential for you to purchase similar services yourself with someone else. Do some research and see how other websites present their content and information. What appeals to you and what does not appeal to you. Who would YOU choose and why?