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What needs should your website cover?

What features do you want your website to have? What do you need from functionality?

It is important to think this through before the process of building the website begins. Additional features not agreed in advance may drastically make your website more expensive than planned.

  • Do you need to send newsletters and email campaigns, membership registers etc.?
  • Need a forum?
  • Do you want the multilingual website?
  • Need to post video, photo galleries or carousel?
  • Need a blog or page that you constantly update with news?
  • Do you need special functions in relation to appointments, membership register or similar?
  • Do you want to be able to provide your customers with chat support?

It is not always that one is aware of all the needs before the website is in the construction process, they can sign up under the road, and that is perfectly ok. In this case, the price of the additional services will be agreed as they report.

However, the more that is in place before the process gets started, the better. The features you need also determine the choice of system/platform in which your website is to be created, so if they do not under the ground at the start of the process, it may not be integrated with the system/platform selected.