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Webflow as a publishing tool works as both website builder and web space, so here you get everything in the same place.

Webflow makes it very easy to design and build a website, as you don't have to write a single code line yourself. Webflow has taken care of all that.

I create the page templates for you, and any pages you want tailored that shouldn't look like the other pages on your site. Then you can even easily change the text and images, and also create multiple pages. All you have to do is write a lot, informative and catchy text and select images that harmonize with the content of the page.

Webflow also has a huge amount of information videos and documents on how to use their system, and they are constantly evolving, so new features come like beads on a string.

In webflow, I build your website according to what you need, so you don't get more to deal with than you want. It can be done as simple or complex as you want.

You can have multiple design templates, depending on how you want to sort the content of the website. For example, you can have a template for writing blog posts, one where you can add employees to your business, one where you write the content of pages that apply to the services you offer, etc.

Feel free to check out webflow's website if you want to know more. webflow.com