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Don't have time to update your website yourself?

Dhaving a live website, constantly involves small changes in relation to text, images, opening hours etc.
Even if your website is made in a system where you can make the changes yourself, it can be difficult to remember how to do it from time to time.
In a busy everyday life, you have to make priorities, and often it's the maintenance of the website that comes furthest down the list, simply because you don't quite remember how to do it and don't have time to get into things again.

Draw a maintenance plan

Struggling to get time to update and maintain your website?  

Why not enter into a maintenance agreement, then I can do it for you.

What is included in the agreement:

  • Add new content to an existing page.
  • Anything that goes on updating content, i.e. text and images on your website.
  • Code and design adjustments for changes/content to work.
  • Update in relation to the system, web hosting and software used on the website.

What is not included in the agreement:

  • New features that need to be developed and built.
  • Facebook page, Facebook ads, Facebook store, maintenance of Facebook.
  • Google Ads
  • Google analytics
  • Deeper SEO customization.
  • Landing pages for campaigns and ads
  • Logo design
  • Redesign of the website

(I can help you with these things, but at an agreed price or hourly rate)

What does it cost?

  • Monthly subscription: NOK. 450,- ex VAT per month (binding period 6 months)
  • Year subscription: KR. 5000,- ex VAT per year