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What does a website cost?

It is not so easy to price a website, because there are many factors that come into play, such as how many pages it should have, whether it should have special functions such as booking calendar, online store, where it should be created, which publishing platform to be used. And of course what budget you have to spend on the website.  

Cheap is not always good, and you can say the same about deer. Large companies that have expenses for renting premises, salaries of employees etc. usually price a website high, while a freelance web designer like me, does not have the same expenses and can therefore offer a lower price.

Is there a quality difference between an expensive and a cheap website?

It is clear that the more you pay, the more you expect to get for the price, but that does not mean that an expensive website is necessarily better than a cheaper website. So checking around a bit before choosing who to create your website is a good idea and you might save a lot of money on it.  

See what is posted about references at the supplier and visit the websites they post as references, to see what they look like and whether they work as they should. If you see websites that have about the same content and functionality as you want, then you know that the web designer can create a similar website for you whether it is expensive or cheap.  

It is always wise to get a fixed price on the website, but needs may change as the website is created and this can lead to additional costs. So always count on it being more expensive than the fixed price.

Annual expenses

Having a website also means that you will have annual expenses since you have to pay for web hosting, domain fees and any subscription price for extra features you need on the website.

You may also enter into a maintenance agreement where you pay either annually or monthly.

As a rule, this is not included in the price of creating the website, but comes in addition.

Realistic price expectations

It takes a lot of work to create a website, and it takes a long time depending on how big it is. Getting a website ready in a week, and at a very low cost, is not very realistic. So if you are going to have a solid, well-designed, user-friendly website, you have to reckon that it will cost a bit and that it will also take some time.

It is clear that you can find someone who may be willing to create your website in a week and at a very low price, but then you have to calculate the result accordingly.  

Why choose me?

I have 10 years of experience in web design, and started before CMS - drag and drop website solutions came on the market. Therefore, I have good knowledge of HTML and CSS and can tailor your website beyond what a CMS platform offers.

I am also a freelancer and work from home, so I can afford to take lower prices than a large company.  

I will also strive as far as I can for you to get your website the way you want it.

And then I love designing and creating websites, of course.