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Privacy and Coockies Statement

This privacy statement deals with how Annec Design collects and processes personal information in our daily work, this applies both in general, as well as via our websites and social media.

Annec Design, company registration number: 998664942 is responsible for the processing and can be contacted for questions.

1. Personal data processed

Annec Design does not collect personal data such as date of birth and social security numbers, or personal credit card information.

Information collected:

·       Companyname

·       Organization number

·       Contact

·       Company address / billing address

·       Phone number

·       email address

·       IP address

2. How information is collected?

Annec Design collects information through forms on our website, mail, by phone or direct contact.

·       Company information is checked against the Brønnøysund Register Rate. 

·       If you choose not to disclose your personal data, we may be prevented from providing you with our products and services.

·       The ownership information for a domain is retrieved from the WHOIS database for that top-level domain.

3. The purpose of the information collected

The purpose of collecting personal data is to identify you as a customer of Annec Design, and to identify the holder and the domain name contacts in accordance with the domain policy of the current top-level domain.

Furthermore, in order to register your website and your IP address with the current web hosting/publishing platform and registrar for the domain, which is used to develop and publish your website.

In order to integrate social media, on your website.

And to be able to create any email services for your website and your domain.

If you do not consent to the collection of personal data, or if you subsequently withdraw your consent, we may not fulfil our contractual obligations to you and/or your domain, and we may not offer you any web design services.

4. How is the information stored?

Information we collect is stored in our:
Financial system: Conta Invoice
Mailing systems: Outlook.

In our computer system.

5. How is the information deleted?

Information is kept in the systems for as long as they are up to date and it is relevant to keep them. The legal basis for such processing is Section 8.a of the Personal Data Act (cf. Eu General Data Protection Regulation § 6.1b). 


6. Disclosure of information to third parties?

When registering a domain name, your personal data is disclosed to the registrar– Domenehop, Proisp, one.com, or the person deemed the relevant registrar of the domain, and who uses it to register the domain with the registered domain of the relevant top-level domain, to the extent necessary to perform registration or administration of the domain.

Upon registration for social media, your personal data such as first name, last name and email address, as well as url to your website and url to your facebook page is provided with relevant services such as:




When developing your website, your personal data such as first name, last name, email address, company name and company number will be stored with the relevant publishing platform/data service.  Annec Design uses the following publishing platforms/data services for website development:







7. Rights

As a user of our websites, you have the right to require access to the personal data that we process about you and how it is processed. You may also require correction, deletion and restrictions on the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act.

Where the processing of personal data is based on consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you believe that Annec Design has not complied with your rights under the Personal Data Act, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority. This is done by submitting a complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority, contact information is available on www.datatilsynet.no.

8. Use of cookies on the websites:

By using this website, you agree that we may put cookies in your browser if you do not actively disable this yourself.

We use cookies, like most other websites, to improve the user experience of our websites.

A cookie,or "cookie," is a small text file that is stored in your browser's memory. These are used, for example, to maintain user choices you make on the page, store your shopping cart, and to analyze how you use our pages so we can improve.

We use these services on our sites:


Webflow is the publishing platform on which this website is built.


Addthis stores information in relation to social media tracking and sharing services.

How to avoid cookies

If you wish to avoid cookies, you can disable their use in your browser. Note that by doing this, several of the features of the pages will not work.

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will be able to update our Privacy Policy when necessary. An updated version privacy statement will always be available on our website.

10. Contact information

Company Name: Annec Design
Org.nr: 998 66 4942
Phone: +47 93288706
Email: post@annec.no
Address: Motjernveien 10, 3740 Skien