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Be sure to get many relevant links from other websites

Google has many criteria that under the influence of how your website will rank on search. A criterion that clearly shows Google that your website should rank high is whether there are many other websites that link to it. It shows Google that the content is very relevant and seen as valued by others.

The key to link building is LOT and RELEVANT content. If your website is rich in information,other websites will want to link to it, in order to provide their visitors with additional information.

But the link must be relevant to count at Google.

A relevant link is one that makes sense in relation to what your website and the website that links to yours are about. There must be a relevant context for the link to be ranked as important.

If you have a website that is about dog farming, a link from a website about cars will be a wasted and uns valuable link. If, on the other hand, you receive a link from a website that deals with dog psychology, this emphasis will be given as relevant.

How to obtain relevant links?

  • Having a strategy on link building is not so stupid. Search websites that have an relevance to the content of your own but are not direct competitors. Send them a nice email explaining a little about why you contact them and ask if they are interested in exchanging links. Point out that this is beneficial to both of you. Keep in mind that you then simultaneously comiter to post a link to them from your website.
  • Register the website in the relevant industry register.