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Is it necessary to bet extra for SEO?

It's important to search your website so that it gets as high up on search on Google as possible, but is it so important that you have to pay someone to do it for you?

The answer is not a clear yes or no.

There is much you can do yourself to help your website be found online. But the most important thing is to write as much relevant text as you can. The more information your website contains, the more "hooks have Google to hang it on". More words mean that it is found for more words than one with little text. A rich website again leads to more people finding it, and more visitors are giving Google a signal that it's a popular website. And then the snowball starts rolling.

It's also important to have as good a meta title and meta description as possible, because that's what very first web surfers see when they get the results after a search. Here you will find a good article about metadata

There are many who offer to search engine optimizing your website, and if you don't have time to get into it or to take care of it yourself, it can be a solution to pay to get someone to do it for you.

However, no matter how well one optimizes the website, with text, meta descriptions, keywords, links, etc., there is no way to "trick" Google and Bing into ranking your website right up than others. There is no guarantee, no matter what you do to make your site rank higher than thousands of others with the same theme.

Paying for ads on Google may be more useful than for SEO.

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