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Do you have any desire in terms of design?

The design is, by informative, quality content and ease of use, an important part of your website. A bad design can cause visitors to simply browse to another site that appeals to them better visually.

It's not always that you know how you want your website to look, and then it becomes a process where I present a design that then adapts to it being the way you want it. A great help then, is whether you have seen some websites that you find appealing visually, which can be used as a starting point, or come with wishes in relation to design.

Designs always get a little back and forth before landing on the right thing, but also here it is important to be realistic about how much back and forth there can be, before the price rises. Therefore, it is important that you have a certain idea of what you want in advance, so that the design does not have to be changed again and again.

As a rule, I ask you to approve the design before I move on and build the rest of the website. Small changes and adaptations are fine, but if you go further in the process want a brand new design, it will cost a little extra. Think of it as having a painter to paint your house pink. Once he has painted two sides of the house pink, you can not change your mind and ask him to paint it blue instead, at no additional cost. Then you would be left with two pink walls, two unpainted and just see the back of a very offended painter.

So a little pre-research may want to:

  • Have you seen a website with a design that looks like what you want?
  • Do you have special wishes in relation to colors on the website?
  • Have you seen a font you like and would like to use on the website?
  • What type of website do you envision ; Modern, traditional, airy, dark, bright, anonymous, personal?
  • Do you want animations? Animations can make your website more interactive for visitors, but can also be annoying if they are not relevant. There are many ways to animate, so get in touch with me and we'll find out together if you should have animations or not, and what kind.
  • Do you have photos you want to use, or do you need to take photos for the website?
  • What do you want pictures of?
  • Do you want me to look for good pictures you can buy, do you have pictures yourself, or do you want me to take pictures for you?